RACES Roster

CMC RACES Roster 2024

CwikTim N2LTQExtraMiddle TwpCape Reg. Hosp
MyersRobert KD2HIPTech.Middle TwpRACES Room
BulkocyDrewKC2JPPTech.Lower Twp.RACES Room
PagliaMikeKC2PAGGen.Lower Twp.RACES Room
RadiszewskiAndrewKD2ZSAGenMiddle TwpRACES Room
MayerRichKD2NRJGenMiddle Twp.RACES Room
StahlRichWR3VExtra.Upper TwpRaces Room
ErnstLouWA2GKHExtra..Lower TwpRaces Room
MattesJustinKC2GIKGen.Cape May CityCity of Cape May EOC
BondiskeyMikeKC3QLUGenLower TwpHome Station
ColePegW2PEGTech.Lower Twp.Home Station
ErstFloN2SRIGen.Lower Twp.Home Station
HasienDianeKD2GGGTech.Lower Twp.Home Station
HortonMichaelKD2REOTech.Lower TwpHome Station
PoussartThomasWA2CJFGenLower Twp. Home Station
RuttenbergJoelN3HRKGenLower Twp.home Station
SharpMichaelKD2BTWGenLower Twp
ChadwickJimKB2JMJGen.Middle Twp.Home Station
HallamRonKE2RONGenmiddle Twp
HeardBobbyKD2GGFTech.Middle Twp.Home Station
RichesBillWA2DVUExtra.Middle Twp.Home Station
AndersonBobN2NGWAdv.N. WildwoodN. Wildwood EOC
GrdinichGregN2NFLGenSea Isle City
DeuterJohnK2SEVTech.Upper TwpHome Station
EvansDaveKD2GGJTech.Ocean CityHome Station
HinkerRichardKD2RZAGen.Upper Twp.Home Station
KlotzRayWB2JJO Extra Upper Twp Home Station
TwistOliverKB2YVYExtra.BelleplainHome Station
StahlRichWR3VExtaUpper Twp
YoungBillKC2UMMGen.Wildwood CrestHome Station
BaileyMichaelKC2OWLGenO E MCMCo E O C
SzemcsakWilliamW2WPSGenO E M CMCo O E M
WebbBobAC2NJGenEgg HBR TwpHome Station
AberBillWX2CMCGen.CMC SkywarnN2JAIHome Station
KurzBobAC2HGExta.Cape MayHome Station

************************** Reminder: To maintain good standing for your county ID you must participate in 7 RACES activities annually. This includes monthly nets, annual meetings, emergency deployments, and other designated activities.

Caveat: Any licensed amateur may check into a RACES net after the Roster is called and assist, with permission, during an emergency. The ARRL allows any licensed amateur to register their availability for service with ARES. However, only those who are in good standing criteria qualify for the RACES Roster and a Cape May County issued ID.