What is RACES?

The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is an amateur radio service sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is authorized as an a service by Part 97.407 of the FCC Rules and Regulations.  Its mission is to operate and maintain Amateur, Public Safety, and other communications systems, and to perform unique, accurate, and efficient communication services to assist government officials in the protection of life and property.  .

What is RACES?

Cape May County RACES is an affiliate of the Cape May County Office Of Emergency Management, Mr. Martin L. Pagliughi, Coordinator, and is administered by the County RACES Officer, Mr. Tim Cwik, N2LTQ.   Communications equipment and activity are coordinated with Mr. Michael Bailey, KC2OWL, Cape May County Communications Officer.

Some of our Activities

Cape May County RACES:

  •  is tasked with providing an alternate channel of communication with the New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center.
  • ┬áis partnered with Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties for emergency communication purposes
  • operates amateur radio stations in designated Cape May County local emergency management offices and other designated facilities, as needed.
  • operates amateur radio stations in designated Cape May County evacuation shelters, as needed.
  • cooperates with the Cape May County Amateur Radio Club in providing community service.
  • cooperates with Cape May County Skywarn during weather emergencies
What Equipment is Available? Cape May County RACES amateur radio equipment includes voice via High Frequency, 2m VHF, 70cm UHF and 33cm UHF.  We also have an APRS station with Igate.  RACES 2 meter and 33 centimeter amateur repeaters are housed at the EMCC.  There are other amateur repeaters located throughout the county should the need arise.   What frequencies are used? Cape May County RACES primary communications are conducted on the 2 Meter W2CMC repeater, 147.240 Pl 146.2.  In times of emergency or potential activation Cape May County RACES operators should monitor this frequency.  In the event the W2CMC repeater is off line, operators should monitor the RACES 2 meter simplex frequency, 146.415 Pl 203.5.  There is an informal agreement with the Cape May County Amateur Radio Club for the use of the 146.610 Pl 88.5 repeater in time of need. Cape May County RACES Simplex Communications  2 meter simplex communications are conducted on 146.415 Pl 203.5.  70 cm simplex communications are conducted on 446.025 Pl 203.5.  33 cm simplex communications are conducted on 927.500 Pl 100.  10 m simplex communications are conducted on 28.475 USB.  40 m simplex communications are conducted on 7.215 LSB +/- 5 khz depending on QRM.  75 m simplex to the State EOC 3.980 +/- 5 khz LSB depending on QRM. Cape May County RACES Repeater Communications  2 m repeater W2CMC on the frequency 147.240 + Pl 146.2 (Central) Cape May Court House  2 m repeater NJ2DS on the frequency 146.775 – Pl 179.9 (North) Seaville  70 cm repeater N2CSA on the frequency 443.600 + Pl 146.2 – Analog & C4FM (AMS) Cape May Court House 70 cm repeater KC2JPP on the frequency 449.875 – Pl 146.2 (South) CMC Airport Complex  33 cm repeater KC2JPP (Non-standard split) Output 927.725, Input 902.0125, Pl 146.2 Cape May Court House Cape May County RACES APRS 2 meter APRS station W2CMC on the frequency 144.390 Cape May County Airport 2 meter APRS digipeater W2CMC on the frequency 144.390 Ocean View Cape May County RACES Communications With Trenton (ROIC) 147.570 Simplex CSQ – Primary 2 meter commend frequency 145.680 Simplex CSQ – Alternate 2 meter command frequency 144.390 CSQ – Packet/APRS 224,320 Negative Offset, PL 67.0 – NJOEM Statewide Repeater 3973 KHz LSB – Primary 75 meter command frequency 7230 KHz LSB – Primary 40 meter command frequency 3584.5 USB – NJ NBEMS digital net (Sunday 9:30AM) **************************************** Other Cape May County Amateur Repeaters 2 m repeater N2CMC on the frequency 146.610 – Pl 88.5  Cape May County Amateur Radio Club Repeater – Cape May Court House 2 m repeater on the frequency 145.450 – Pl 146.2 Ocean City/Upper Township Offices of Emergency Management – Seaville ARRL Southern New Jersey Emergency Frequencies Click this link for a .pdf file:  SJ ARES FREQ  This file requires Adobe Reader, if you don’t have it you can download it here: